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Punta del Este offers a wide variety of possibilities. You will find French, Chinese, Arab, Italian, Spanish and International restaurants, pizza places, chivitos (typical Uruguayan sandwich), the "paradores" on the beach, plus bars and "parrilladas" (barbecue places).

The range of prices is also wide, from 7 US Dollars for a combo at a fast food restaurant to a 100 US Dollars per person at a first class restaurant. A normal classic restaurant of Punta del Este will charge you for a good meal between 20 and 30 US Dollars.

Except the best and more expensive restaurants, where you have to book in advance, you will never have problems finding a place where to eat. Pizza and chivitos are always a good option for a quick and economic meal.

Vivapunta shows you here a list of the restaurants of Punta del Este and surrounding areas with the address and phone number, by zone.

In Recommended you will find Restaurants of proven quality and service with a brief description, address, telephone number and link to their own website if they have one.

B Restaurant & Bar

B Restaurant & Bar

B is a regional cuisine restaurant with a touch of our Chef, with a stylish bar, where wine and spirits are balanced, always hand in hand with our sommeliers, as well as an excellent Italian coffee. Open 365 days a year from 8 to 23hs.

Av. Rio Branco Esq. Av Francia, Parada 9 de Playa Mansa
Tel. (598) 4249 4444


Name Address


Isidora Rambla del Puerto y Calle 21 4244 9646
Lo de Charly Calle 12 entre 9 y 11 4244 5896
Guappa Rambla del Puerto y Calle 28 4244 0951
Virazón Rambla del Puerto y Calle 28 4244 3924
Pueblos Mexican Cuisine Virazón 829 4244 5723
Los Caracoles Calle 20 y Calle 28 4244 0912
Scarlett Rambla del Puerto y Calle 29 4244 6241
Cantón Chino Calle 28 y Gorlero 4244 1316
El Viejo Marino Calle 11 y Calle 12 4244 3306
El Viejo Marino Calle 11 Nº 739 entre Calles 14 y 12 4244 3565
Yacht Club Uruguayo Rambla del Puerto y Calle 8 4244 1506
La Tuttie Calle 9 y Calle 8 4244 7236
El Metejón Av. Gorlero Nº 578 4244 1913
La Stampa Beach Calle 27 y 26 4244 3141
Il Mondo de la Pizza Av. Gorlero y Calle 29 4244 5027
Olivos Av. Gorlero entre calles 31 y 32 4249 6401
La Clave Calle 27 casi Av. Gorlero 4244 8518
Garibaldi Av. Gorlero y Calle 30 4244 7714
Company Bar Calle 29 entre Calles 18 y 20 4244 0130
La Fonda del Pesca Calle 29 entre Av. Gorlero y 24 4244 9165
Flo Café Calle 27 entre Av. Gorlero y Calle 24 4244 1001
Gorlero Av. Gorlero Nº 572 y Calle 17 4244 1115
IL Greco Av. Gorlero y Calle 30 4244 4652
Les Delices Calle 20 y Calle 29 4244 3640
Nito's King Sao Calle 23 Nº 618 4244 0360
Charly Av. Gorlero y Calle 29 4244 5896
Lo de Tere Rambla del Puerto y calle 21 4244 0492
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