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140.192 persons have his habitual residence in the department of Maldonado in the middle of the year 2004, according to the inventory of population realized inside the activity CENSUS PHASE 1.

In the interval of eight years that separate this inventory of the last census, the population with habitual residence in the department grew to an annual average valuation of 11,9 per thousand. The residence of the population can be considered to be with reference to the place where it was registered (census of fact) or place where it has his habitual residence (census of right). In 2004, only the criterion of habitual residence was used.

The most long-lived persons of the department of Maldonado, which reach and overcome hundred years, are 6 males and 14 women, resident all of them in the urban area.

The graph of the distribution for ages and sex shows a structure of young population with marked typical features. As there is observed, the base of the pyramid presents an important consistent reduction with the strong descent of the birthrate experienced on the period between census. In accordance with the preliminary information provided by the statistics of births, the gross valuation of birthrate happens of 21.1 per thousand in the year 1996 to 16.6 per thousand in 2004.

The pronounced tightening of the graph in the young ages (25 to 29 years), since it was mentioned previously, indicates the presence of recent and past migratory movements. The expulsion of young population is a characteristic of the department that persists in the time.

Maldonado is one of the departments demographically less aged of the country since the percentage of 65-year-old population or more reaches 11 %.
Collective houses reach 272. The most frequent collective houses are the hotels or places of similar accommodation (194), continued by residential homes for old people (22), in which 303 persons live, the feminine population prevails on the masculine one (64 % and 36 % respectively). As a whole, these two types of housings are 79 per cent of the whole of the collective housings.

Three prisons are located in the department, they lodge almost in his totality masculine population (94 %). In the elders' residential ones

Download the file of the finished Census here

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Maps and aerial pictures of Punta del Este, Maldonado, La Barra, José Ignacio, Punta Ballena and San Carlos. Very important to when it comes to travel. All printable...

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