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The Peninsula, the Gorlero Avenue, with its commercial center, the Plaza de Artesanos, 
  the lighthouse, the Rambla that surrounds the peninsula, the port with the 
  seawolves eating the leftover of the fishing boats.... Image courtesy El PaísFor the first time tourist in Punta del Este, there is an endless number of drives to make. Really, all Punta del Este is a drive, it's a garden city and no matter where you go you will see beautiful houses, careful gardens with plants brought from all parts of the world, ample avenues and boulevards and a cleanness difficult to find in other South American cities.

Without doubts, the forced strolls are:

  • The Peninsula, the Gorlero Avenue, with its commercial center, the Plaza de Artesanos (craftsmen), the lighthouse, the Rambla, that surrounds the peninsula, the port with the sea wolves eating the leftover of the fishing boats... It is a stroll that can be done so much in car, as in bicycle or walking. Really it is worthwhile...
  • La Barra, not only the river Maldonado itself but the town that was generated on its coasts. Very colorful, with splendid beaches. In January it is the Top zone of Punta del Este.
  • José Ignacio, another originally fishermen town that transformed itself into a redoubt of famous that own summer properties where to spend its vacations with total tranquility and away so much of the press as of fans.
  • Punta Ballena, towards the other side, offers incredible views and landscapes, as much watching towards Punta del Este like towards Piriápolis. The Bay of Portezuelo is magnificent and you can contemplate a spectacular sunset in a flat and calm beach.
  • Isla de Gorriti, with the rest of the Spanish fortifications and incredible beaches. The boat is taken in the Port. There is regular service.
  • Isla de Lobos, the biggest reserve in the world of the South American sea lion, is an unforgettable experience. There is regular service.


La Olla, una de las Playas mas concurridas de Punta del Este... Imagen cortesía de El PaísPunta del Este is characterized particularly by the beauty of its beaches. It is perhaps the activity more practiced in summer... to go to the beach. In addition, being a peninsula, it has different types of coast. On one side, you will see the sunrise with the wild ocean as frame, on the other, you'll see the sunset with the Gorriti Island and the Bay of Punta del Este.

There is always a protected beach from the wind and with different conditions of the sea. If you like the barren sea, you should go to the Mansa Beach, that is a spectacular bay with the Gorriti Island just in front and all the sun of the afternoon. Many water based activities can be practiced, like water skiing, windsurfing, diving, or just simply swimming. If you like the waves and the powerful sea, you should go to the Brava Beach, where you may practice surfing, body boarding and also windsurfing or kite surfing. And swim, of course...

The coast is very long and allows you to choose the exact beach according to your preferences.

Vista aérea del Puerto de Punta del Este y la Península. Imagen cortesía de El País

Punta del Este has a great number of Public Parks that can be visited daily. To have detailed information about these parks, visit our section Where to go.

And for the lovers of culture, Maldonado is particularly abundant of museums. To have detailed information about these museums, visit our section Museums.


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