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Flesh Wetsuits - Punta del Este - Uruguay

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An endless collection of marine specimens like seashells, whale  skeletons, birds, and also history of summer resorts and a gallery of pirates. For a very good afternoon...

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Plaza de los Artesanos, en pleno corazón de Punta del EsteIn Punta del Este during the summer you do everything late. As the sunset is at 9 PM, you'll enjoy the beach as much as possible, so you'll go dine after 10 PM.

There is a huge amount of restaurants and covers all economic possibilities. To look for a restaurant with more detail, we recommend you to visit our section Where to Eat, where you will find all the restaurants listed by area.

After diner, a short walk around downtown, being yourself at the Peninsula, at La Barra or José Ignacio, is always a good choice to have a good digestion. A walk around Gorlero or the sea wharf, a visit to the Craftsmen Plaza, even a little trip to the beach are always recommended.

Atardecer de Punta del Este con la Isla de Gorriti en el fondoAfter 1 AM you can start heating the engines in some of the many bars or pubs or take a little tour to some of the 3 casinos that there are in Punta del Este (Nogaró, Conrad and Mantra).

Later, almost at 3 AM, start preparing yourself to go dancing to La Barra to some of the many discos or bars of this area, o go to some particular parties that are taking place usually in Punta.

Having a coffee with friends and stay talking until the sunrise is a normal activity in Punta del Este. The idea is to get the more of your time here.

Atardecer en La BarraAs it is logical to think, if you are going dance at 3 AM, you don't finish until 6 o 7, even until 9 AM. Is is common to see more people in the streets of Punta del Este at 9 that at 11 AM. Many, after dancing, go to have breakfast and only then go to sleep.

To know where to stay for sleep in Punta del Este, visit our section Where to Sleep, where you will find all the lodging places listed by area.



Zoo of native animals, very interesting to visit, in an natural ambience at the bottom of cerro Pan de Azucar, which can be also hiked and it is a very nice ride...

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For the little ones, a lot of games in an natural ambience of woods, to spend an afternoon watching the kids enjoy as crazies...

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Between La Barra and San Carlos. The Zoo is well kept and has animals mainly from Uruguay but also some African specimens like lions, monkeys and others. It is a time well spent...

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