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Lussich: un Pionero
Editor's note:
We know that the following text has many absences, so much of spelling as grammatical. Anyway, we prefer publishing it since the content has a great historical value. Also, we encourage our visitors and readers to help us in the translation and correction of this text. You can send to us your suggestions to Thanks.

Antonio Lussich was born the 23 of June of 1848 and educated in a German School until 14 years of age. Its education will become rich with time, readings and trips, acquiring a culture so that, among other things, will allow him to dominate five languages like his own.

Being politically white, he enlisted as soldier in the rows of the army that Timoteo Aparicio raises in 1870 against the Government of General Lorenzo Batlle, and in the Tricolor Revolution of 1872, he participates in the battle of the Zumaca Carolina with the steam ship General Artigas.

In 1879 he gets married with Angela Opening, she will give him 10 children (9 women and 1 man). When dying their father in 1889, Antonio and Manuel Lussich bought to their brothers their parts of the shipping company that inherited from their father, being Antonio with 60% and Manuel with 40%. The 5 of October of 1896 acquire 1,500 hectares in Punta Ballena and initiate their great work. In 1917 the company business stop and its Gray Fleet is acquired by the National Administration of Ports. Passing away in 1928, when he was 80. According to his desire, he was buried in Punta Ballena, between his plants and the rumor of the sea.

The Navigator

Antonio D. Lussich was born in Montevideo. Son of Don Felipe Lussich inherited from him his greater liking to the sea and the spirit forged for the fight. With his brother Manuel founded the famous fleet of rescues that made history in the Rio de la Plata, on a period of more than forty years.

The company develops quickly and around 1882 it has 15 schooners, ketches and sloops and their first steam, the Silver, that was very famous between the Montevideans by its incredible feats. New boats and tugboats will be acquired or constructed in the dock of Lussich to cover crescents necessities. The affluence of greater number of ships to the port of Montevideo will do necessary to increase the fleet of boats and tugboats, acquiring other steam ships that also will be famous: Emperor, Atlantico, Huracan, Powerful.

The prestige that the company wins by its excellent services to importers, exporter and shipbuilders, feeds its growth, arriving to have 15 steam and tugboats and 70 boats of load. And at the beginning of the XXest century it opens to a new activity, establishing a line of steam for load and passengers between Montevideo, Maldonado and the Dove, with the ships Tabare, Salvor and Cabo Polonio, removing the distant territories like Rocha of its isolation. But they were not the reviewed activities those that gave universal fame to the Lussich company, but its active participation in the rescue of lives, loads and ships.

The Rio de la Plata, of intense deal and difficult navigation, was scene of numerous and tragic shipwrecks. By 1870 they arrived near 1500 overseas ships at Montevideo, with an average of 4 shipwrecks per month. These numbers were increasing as the marine movement grew. And during a long time Lussich will be the hope of hundreds of outcasts and the guarantee of recovery of the goods in danger. There are more than 200 the ships attended from 1882 to 1917, seven per year, representing numerous capitals.



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